Oct 10, 2021  ·  2 min read

A list of (most of) my projects:

  1. [Dec 2022] VisualHound* – Prototype your fashion design ideas with AI
  2. [Aug 2022] PromptHero* – Website to search & share prompts for Artificial Intelligences like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney or DALL-E
  3. [Feb 2022] Embargoed – Ruby gem to block all requests from Russia to any Rails app and display a pro-Ukraine message instead (list of open-source ports)
  4. [Jan 2022] – Check if your NFTs really are on the blockchain
  5. [Dec 2021] Private crypto / blockchain / web3 project*
  6. [Oct 2021] WebVitalsRobot – Get alerts when your Web Vitals go down
  7. [Apr 2021] The Million Dollar NFT website – Rethinking the famous “Million Dollar Homepage” with NFTs
  8. [Mar 2021] macOS prank – Prank your Mac friends with one single command line
  9. [Nov 2021] Success: hard work or just luck? – Interactive exploration of what success is made of
  10. [Oct 2021] SEO experiment site (automatic long-tail kw sitemap generation)
  11. [Sep 2021] SEO experiment site (automatic content generation)
  12. [Jul 2020] Edit – Edit any website, no code required
  13. [Nov 2019] Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) Bootcamp Course & AI+BCI exploration*
  14. [Sep 2019] Guard – An AI that analyzes privacy policies for you
  15. [May 2019] Mindless – T-Shirts for creators (T-Shirt e-commerce brand)
  16. [Mar 2019] Momoise – Remove distractions while browsing the web
  17. [Feb 2019] Multirail – Set up multiple Rails apps in the same Linux server
  18. [Jan 2019] Autoliker/autoengagement bot for Instagram (black-hat social media, it was too shady, I didn’t like it)
  19. [Jan 2019] The Pixel Challenge – Chrome extension to create and maintain habits, one pixel at a time
  20. [Oct 2018] Hustl – Create awesome time-lapses of your Mac screen
  21. [Dec 2018] Krowspot*† – Find and share cool spots to work from
  22. [Aug 2018] Kibbles – 3D printed cable protectors
  23. [Jun 2018] Ridertrails* – Data visualization & exploration of open-data user-generated bike trails
  24. [May 2018] Decidr* – Make better decisions with quick A/B polls
  25. [Apr 2018] Le French Generator – Create fake French-sounding sentences (joke site)
  26. [Mar 2018] Wakefy – Spotify alarm clock for macOS
  27. [Nov 2017] SEO experiment site
  28. [Jul 2017] – Machine learning experiment to predict if you would have died in the Titanic
  29. [Jan 2017] Codecave Technologies*† – Software development shop
  30. [Nov 2016] Wome*† – Hackathon project
  31. [Sep 2015] – Share your daily dramas
  32. [Jun 2014]* – (HR SaaS) AI to match candidates with the organizational culture they fit best in
  33. [May 2014] Unioncampus* – Uni student association to promote entrepreneurship & learn real-world skills
  34. [Mar 2013] My first “professional” site + portfolio on the internet
  35. [Oct 2007] My first very own site on the internet (my first domain with a personal blog + phpBB forum)
  36. [2006] A few & blogs – my first things on the internet

* = project I did not do alone (in collab. with other people / part of a team)
= dead/zombie/unmaintained/never launched

Not listed: a bunch of other creative projects (videos, client projects, smaller personal projects, prototypes, not-good-enough proof of concepts, etc.)

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