Dec 16, 2017  ·  2 min read

Hi there!

My name is Javi, though most people know me by my screen name Rameerez.

I’m a solo developer based out of Madrid, Spain – and I’ve been building digital products for the past few years.

I’m the creator of Guard, Hustl and Edit, among others.

I believe great products shape the world we live in, and I believe this to be one of the best ways of creating sustainable change in society.

That’s why I use my time to turn my own ideas into real things that people can use.

I single-handedly design, code and operate all my digital startups the indie way. I try to stay independent, so all the focus goes towards my users and not towards 3rd party interests.

I don’t focus on a single industry or niche. I just try to use my programming and design knowledge to solve my own problems, which happens to result in products that help others solve their own problems too.

My users include Uber, Adobe and thousands of people in 165+ countries around the world. My work has won several international awards and has been featured in top international media like Vox, Fast Company, The Next Web and dozens of other publications worldwide. 


I try to gather and organize all my press interviews and media appearances here (but it’s a really time consuming task and it’s often not as up to date as I would like to 😅)

Indie maker or digital entrepreneur are often just buzzwords, so I prefer to think I’m just a creator, and the rest are just means to make stuff happen.

When I get the chance I also love to speak at events and share my learnings and experiences.

I also love data, artificial intelligence and experimenting with bleeding-edge technology – on the weekends you will likely find me playing with tech like Brain-Computer Interfaces at Saturdays.AI

Javi Rameerez wearing a Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) headset provided by Bitbrain at Saturdays.AI Madrid @ Loom Princesa

✨ Here’s my portfolio of creations.

🗣 Here are the slides I use in my talks. You can also hire me to speak.

📓 Here’s the blog where I rant.

🛍️ Here’s my merchandise online shop.

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