Hi there!

I'm rameerez, a solo developer making cool software products with extra design love.

I'm the creator of Guard, Hustl and Edit, among others.

I single-handedly design, code and operate all my businesses the indie way.

My users include cool people at Google, Uber, Adobe and thousands of people in 165+ countries around the world. My work has won international awards and has been featured in top international media like Vox, Fast Company, The Next Web and dozens of other publications worldwide.

From time to time I also speak at events and share my learnings and experiences. Read more about me. Want to collaborate?

Smaller projects & experiments

My latest blog posts

2020 was not that bad

Dec 28, 2020  ·  17 min read

It feels weird to say this considering that, well, this has been 2020 – but I think this may have been my best year so far.

The odyssey of publishing an app in the Mac App Store

Dec 25, 2020  ·  20 min read

Many Mac developers choose to self-distribute their apps, without publishing them in the Mac App Store (MAS), which sounds counter intuitive: why wouldn’t anyone want to reach as many potential customers as possible?

by @rameerez