The curse of creativity

Aug 26, 2022  ·  27 min read

Creativity can be both a curse and a blessing. Without discipline it’s just raw power, like a wild garden hose. Well directed, it can change the world. It does come at a price, though, one that you’re going to pay whether you’re willing to or not. But what is creativity, anyways?

How to create an app from scratch: advice for new makers starting out

Aug 12, 2022  ·  6 min read

Maybe you just enrolled in a coding bootcamp. You’ve learned some JavaScript. You have an app idea, but you haven’t built anything from scratch before. You have never taken apps to market. You run into a roadblock after the dreaming phase, and don’t even know what language should you do it in, which platform to build the app for or what technologies to use. But you keep repeating to yourself: “I am gonna build it no matter what”.

What is an indie hacker? – A guide to indie hacking

Feb 19, 2022  ·  30 min read

Going indie is almost as if you realize you don’t need anyone’s permission or financial support to just start hacking on projects and building cool stuff. Almost as if the illusion of venture capital vanishes right in front of your eyes, and you figure out you can just do the thing yourself. All the good stuff of the startup world, minus the bullshit. But is it really that way?