What is an indie hacker? – A guide to indie hacking

Feb 19, 2022  ·  29 min read

Going indie is almost as if you realize you don’t need anyone’s permission or financial support to just start hacking on projects and building cool stuff. Almost as if the illusion of venture capital vanishes right in front of your eyes, and you figure out you can just do the thing yourself. All the good stuff of the startup world, minus the bullshit. But is it really that way?

No, your NFT is not on the blockchain

Feb 7, 2022  ·  21 min read

There’s a fundamental problem with NFTs that can make some of them potentially worthless. And it’s a big problem. Something that make many NFTs likely to change their appearance, add ads or just stop existing at any moment, without prior notice and certainly without your permission, no matter if you own them and no matter how much you paid for them.