What I need to improve

Mar 4, 2021  ·  2 min read

It’s only been two weeks and a half in this adventure of being a digital nomad, and I’m already learning so much. Both about myself and about my business.

Here, we’re all indie developers trying to make our businesses thrive. I’m hands down the one with the least amount of experience. But that’s not bad: in fact, I feel this environment is making me better every passing day. I can run ideas by my peers, and that gets me good feedback and advice to make adjustments to my route.

I just had a really meaningful conversation where I’ve been given honest, unbiased feedback about my business. It’s really overwhelmed me, and it’s now all tangled up in my head, so I wanted to take a few moments to structure and organize it so I can act upon it later.

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Key takeaways

  • I probably haven’t found yet a product that’s good enough. I need to keep looking.
  • My revenue is kind of OK, but low for something that was first launched 2 years ago.
  • My products might not be differentiated enough.
  • My products may not have a sufficiently large potential market to be really profitable.
  • I should keep on launching new stuff. I should get back to being creative.
  • Maybe it’s worth it to create new stuff rather than improving what’s already built.
  • I should dedicate half of my week to improving new stuff and the other half to create new stuff.
  • I should build something B2B next. Something that allows me to charge $50-$100/mo to users.
  • Don’t build a SaaS on top of something that’s not generating $5k/mo at least – sign of market not big enough.
  • Don’t build a SaaS out of features no one asked for.
  • I should talk with my users and ask them for input to build a subscription-based service. Ask them what they’re missing.
  • A/B test every change and test for statistical significance.
  • I’m really good at execution, but I need to focus more on selling and the business side of things. I need to go where the money is.
  • I’m 27 now, I should get to $10k/mo by 30.
  • You only need 100 people paying $100/mo to reach $10k/mo.
  • Feedback from a friend whose feedback I really value: «while all of the above might be true, what you’re doing right now is not only valuable but also necessary. To reach the point you want to reach, you need to know how to do what you’re doing and learning about right now (marketing; how to monetize and scale revenue, etc.). You need to learn certain skills, most probably via projects that are not “the thing”. Also, your revenue might be not impressive, but it’s enough to support your life. And on top of this, luck plays a huge role here. You’re not losing your time.»

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