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Welcome to the Alps

Mar 23  ·  1 min read

Grüezi. That’s how they greeted me the first time I arrived in the Alps. Not “hello”, not “hallo”, not even “hi”. Grüezi.

It’s been almost 2 months since I arrived here. I’m used to the grüezi thing now. The days have gotten warmer, but I cannot leave my jacket at home yet. By this time in Madrid some people even start wearing their shorts.

Youtube discovered me this song at my arrival, it’s been playing on my headphones since then.

Trips are the people you travel with, and here I travel mostly with myself. And I carry a bag full of fears and barriers to overcome. I like to see this as a trip of personal growth. I don’t know what the final goal is, but there has not been a single day I have not achieved something new. By the end of this trip, I hope to leave my bag (completely empty, hopefully) somewhere around the Alps.


Oh, and by the way!

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