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Oct 10, 2021  ·  < 1 min read

I love playing around with blockchain tech and hacking on all things crypto. I’m more familiar with web3 frontend development (React, web3js, ethers.js) – but I’ve also used Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Alchemy, etc. to deploy smart contracts to the Ethereum network (ERC721 / NFTs).

My web3 projects

👀 LooksMutable.com

A website to analyze NFTs and wallets – and find out if NFT metadata is stored in a centralized third party service or in a decentralized way.

  • React + ethers.js frontend
  • Metamask wallet integration
  • Alchemy + Moralis Ethereum supernode API integration
  • IPFS, Pinata, Arweave
  • Supports ERC721 and ERC1155 metadata
  • Support for non-standard NFTs like ENS or Cryptopunks in the making

The Million Dollar NFT website

🚧 Rethinking the famous “Million Dollar Homepage” with NFTs. Proof of concept & exploration.

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As a quick reminder – I'm rameerez, an indie software developer that's making cool stuff like Hustl or Edit used by people all around the world in 165+ countries, among cool people at companies like Google, Uber or Adobe. My work has been featured in media like Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Vox, or The Next Web.