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Apr 4  ·  1 min read

If you’re like me, you probably like to work until late on your MacBook.

This means your laptop is most likely the last device you use before you start feeling sleepy.

Plus, odds are you’re leaving the laptop sitting on a table close to your bed when you’re finished working.

And we both know that phone ringing tones don’t make good alarm clocks… ⏰

Wakefy is a macOS app that wakes you up with your favourite Spotify music, even if your Mac is completely turned off.

Start your mornings with an energy boost listening to your favourite or recommended playlists to kick off your day!

Wakefy will force you to stand up and walk to your laptop in order to snooze the alarm, but once you’re up… you won’t want to get back to bed with those good vibes! ☀️

Wakefy is a free macOS app, download it here!

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