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The Pixel Challenge

Feb 1, 2019  ·  2 min read

TL;DR: The Pixel Challenge is a Chrome extension that replaces your New Tab with a habit building dashboard to help you build daily, impactful new habits. Get it for free here.

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Habits are like pixels. Alone, they mean nothing: but together, they make an image.
Our daily actions are like tiny pixels. Alone, they’re meaningless: it’s by doing something every day that you end up building a life-changing habit.

What’s the one thing you can change about yourself that will increase the quality of your life?  What’s one goal you would like to set – and achieve?

Whether you want to get in shape, start meditating or read more books. Imagine yourself in a year if only if you did that thing for just five minutes every day.

We believe in the potential inside each one of us. And we believe you just have to find the right way to unlock that potential.

We know – being consistently self-disciplined is not always easy. As humans, life gets complicated, and sometimes we need a bit of help to keep on track.

Introducing The Pixel Challenge.

Commit to one thing for a year, and we’ll help you make the habit stick.

Install the Chrome extension and track your progress. From left to right, each day is a pixel. They represent your progress. Every day you do the thing, you get to check that pixel.

Do it for several days in a row, and you’ll build up your streak. Miss one day, you’ll start over from the beginning. Let this drive you and keep you motivated.

Your goal and progress will be there every time you open up a new tab so you don’t lose focus.

Share it with your friends to stay accountable and create the ideal conditions for personal growth.

Our habits shape us. And you get to decide what will your habits be.
Whatever you want to achieve, you can do it.

Keep yourself on track and reach your potential. Learn the life-changing skill of habit building.

What will you achieve in one year from now?

The Pixel Challenge logo
Get it FREE now!

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