Oct 15, 2018  ·  2 min read

I love speaking (preferably with no shoes on 😝) to audiences large and small, in any country in the world 🌎 – I can speak in English and Spanish.

Speaking is not what I do for a living: I build and run digital products but love to share my experience and learnings through speaking engagements.

I’ve also been a TEDx speaker.

Over the years I’ve been able to share stage with companies like IBM, Framer, CBRE or Iberdrola, among others.

I usually talk about product design, entrepreneurship and all things data science (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data…)

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I always regret not recording my own talks 😅 Here’s a couple of talks I’ve given where the organizers were kind enough to record me. These are unfortunately only available in Spanish.

Past talks & slides

People usually ask me for the slides I use in my talks, so here they are:

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Oh, and by the way!

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As a quick reminder – I'm rameerez, an indie software developer that's making cool stuff like Hustl or Edit used by people all around the world in 165+ countries, among cool people at companies like Google, Uber or Adobe. My work has been featured in media like Fast Company, Vox, or The Next Web.