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Jul 20, 2019  ·  2 min read

TL;DR: Edit is a Chrome extension that turns any website editable with a single click, so you can modify any web page directly from your browser, no code required.

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I once knew a guy like that.

He was the CEO of a company, and every time he had a new design idea he wanted to try out, he would interrupt and annoy his whole development team to make the tiniest changes on a landing page – just to see how they would look.

I’m kidding, it was not a single guy. I’ve known many guys like that.

And it’s completely normal. CEOs, marketers, copywriters… all of them need to try out many different ideas to find out what works and what doesn’t. And it’s not until they see it done that they can gauge whether they like it or not.

It may be difficult to understand for us developers and designers – after all, we already have the power to change websites in whichever way we want. Bust most people don’t have that gift.

Edit is a Chrome extension that empowers people to modify any website without a single line of code, so they don’t need to ask any developer or designer to try out small changes and see how they’d look.

This could potentially save hundreds of hours, annoyances and frustrations in back-and-forth emails between the business person with the ideas and the development/design teams with the actual tools to execute them.

Just click the “Edit” button and any website will turn instantly editable:

This allows anyone to mock up and illustrate potential changes.

It also allows for fun edits:

But please use this responsibly. Be ethical and respectful. We don’t wanna create thousands of fake news.

Speaking of which, have I already told you I’ve just made it into the Forbes’ list of top billionaires in the world?

Made with Edit

No but seriously, be careful though.

Whatever it is you use it for, it’s available now, go check it out!

Get Edit now!

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