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Off to somewhere

Mar 27  ·  2 min read

Feel the adrenaline. Just feel it. I mean it, close your eyes and let yourself feel your heart rate increasing. It’s already nighttime, and you don’t know it yet, but you’re not going to sleep at home tonight.

It’s been two days inside your room, and your inner adventurer shouts for a shot of adrenaline. The fact that «The Sun» has been playing for hours is obviously not helping containing your desire of doing something crazy.

No one would want to come with you right now, it’s too improvised. Plus, there’s almost nobody left in the house. But what the hell, let’s just do it.

So you get in the cheapest bus company website and go through the destinations. Oh, that city looks cool. Let’s buy the first ticket. Don’t even think about it — just get it. We can figure out the rest later.

Shit, it departs in two hours. Run, run, run. Book some crappy accommodation for tomorrow. Get the next bus ticket. Go buy some groceries, eat the fastest dinner in your life, take a shower, get your backpack and put some clothes in it. More clothes. No, wait, less, that’s too much weight. And some food. And run, for God’s sake, you’re going to miss the bus.

You’ve been waiting the whole weekend for something that wasn’t going to happen, and while you are sitting in the bus heading to your next destination, you realize you’ve learned a great lesson: sometimes you just have to go for it, get what’s yours and enjoy doing what makes you happy.

Bye bye, Zürich. Off to a new adventure.

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