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Jul 19, 2019  ·  3 min read

TL;DR: MINDLESS is a clothing brand for creators (designers, illustrators, programmers, makers, etc.) – We sell cool, well-designed T-Shirts.

Check out the MINDLESS store

Oh wow, another freaking clothing brand, how original.

This is the first time ever anyone has created a clothing brand in the entire history of the internet. No, in the entire history of humanity. Such a creative mind. You’re a pioneer. Please marry my daughter.

Ok, no, stop. I know it’s not the most original of ideas.


I really wanted to create this online shop. I needed to.

MINDLESS started as a weekend project in my lab. I wanted to learn about screen printing, so I bought some screens, photo emulsion, a squeegee, some ink and a couple of blank tees.

From my Instagram @rameerezcom

My first runs were super limited and for-friends only. Like this one:

From my Instagram @rameerezcom

I also used my recently acquired screen printing skills to make a Secret Santa gift for a friend (and recorded the whole process in video):

I then continued experimenting. Mainly to get better at screen printing, just because it was fun, but also because I wanted to wear tees I myself had designed. I guess once a maker, forever maker. I explained it better in Instagram:

Then a bunch of people started DMing me asking for a T-Shirt. Not like a lot, but definitely more than I could manage manually. I had to figure out payments, packaging, shipping, providers and a lot of logistics stuff just to get the first print run out there. It was then when I started thinking this all could be automated with a nice e-commerce site that would handle all these repetitive tasks for me and guarantee a consistent quality experience for the customer (seems obvious, I know, but try to do that over Insta DMs, it’s not trivial at all)

It was by then when a friend of mine asked me if I could do a run of 40 T-shirts. His organization, of which he was the current president, (and which I actually founded years ago) was holding an important event and they wanted some of my designs for people to wear during the day.

This is me in the lab struggling to get the order fulfilled:

I confess I had to pull a one-nighter to get it done on time. I underestimated the amount of work involved in doing such a job.

But I learned a lot. About sizes, about preferences, about male/female body types, about end quality…

I also started wearing my own designs in real life (mainly to do public speaking):

From my Instagram @rameerezcom
From my Instagram @rameerezcom

And again, IRL friends started asking for some tees. So I decided to create a brand for my designs and start selling them online, looking for providers that could fulfill the orders and automate the process as much as I was capable of so it wouldn’t distract me from keeping on creating and updating the rest of my digital products.

And thus MINDLESS was born.

It has taught me a lot about e-commerce: pricing, profit margins, digital advertising, ratios, conversion optimization and a bunch of other things I didn’t even know existed before doing this project.

There’s more designs now on the store, go check them out (and hopefully buy some!)


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