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In soviet Russia beds sleep in you

Apr 1  ·  2 min read

Or at least that’s what I feel right now. I don’t have control over the situation, this communist bed is sleeping in me. And I kind of like it.

Zürich, 20:40. We’ve never been in a train with sleeping cars before. Beds 35 and 36. Solo traveling is nice, but I have an adventure mate with me in this one and that’s a lot of fun. 

Both of us had the exact same feeling when we got into our car: a mix between entering a soviet train in the middle of Siberia and being in the train to Hogwarts with Harry Potter. I like the soviet thing better, so I’ll just stick to it. (But, just for the record, I like Harry Potter too.)

The car looks like straight from the 70s. The walls have that characteristic beige color and there are actual seat belts hanging from the ceiling to prevent you from falling out of your bed.

As we approach Zagreb, everything starts looking different. It’s still European Union soil, but it doesn’t feel like Europe for some reason. The soviet look came out of the train to invade everything around us.

Well, I know probably “soviet” is not the correct technical term to name it, but it looked like our car. Old, worn out, like if the place had gone through a lot of history. The people were old, too. The first one we met was the old man that came together with us in the train. He got in near the Austrian border. We tried to communicate with him, but he didn’t speak any German, and, of course, no English at all. We were going to learn soon that we was not the only one with limited English fluency in Croatia.

But it was awesome. Completely different to any European city I’ve ever seen. Small, wider than taller, old (plain old, not just restored), cheap, complex and still underdeveloped for what you would expect from an European capital.

It’s nighttime now. The bus is crossing Slovenia, there’s a movie with subtitles in Croatian, the driver is listening to some kind of typical Croatian country music and the movement of the bus is making me feel kind of sleepy. Goodbye, soviet look, let’s see how our next stop make us feel.

Oh, and by the way!

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