3D print models

Jun 13, 2018  ·  1 min read

I love creating cool things to 3D print, more if they’re actually useful and fulfill a function, so here’s some free 3D print models I’ve designed, ready to download, in .STL format. Hope you enjoy!

Lamp holder

My desk lamp broke – the little thing that holds the shade was the responsible. I designed and printed a exact replica of the part to fix it.

The shade was cylindrical, about 56.7mm in diameter, and the space to fit the part into the lamp body was about 12 mm. The part attaches both to the shade and the body with 3 bolts and nuts (2 to attach the shade, 1 to attach the part to the body). More details in the Thingiverse page!

Free Download

Wardrobe bar support

Yet another “this thing broke so I designed and printed a replacement”. This one is pretty straight forward. It works for most wardrobes, holds a 20mm bar, just needs two screws to attach to the wardrobe.

Free download

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