Prestashop is a piece of s**t

Jul 16  ·  6 min read

Prestashop is a real piece of snit. A source of endless frustration. The root of all evil.

Spamming on Facebook: advanced techniques

Apr 26  ·  3 min read

Just kidding, it’s not advanced. It couldn’t be more freaking far from fine engineering. But hey, it works. They have discovered a new “security flaw” (not really, more like a “out of my jurisdiction” scenario), and they’re exploiting it to spam on your Facebook profile.

In soviet Russia beds sleep in you

Apr 1  ·  2 min read

Or at least that’s what I feel right now. I don’t have control over the situation, this communist bed is sleeping in me. And I kind of like it.

Getting lost will help you find yourself

Mar 29  ·  3 min read

See that picture? There was I, 6:00am, completely lost in a remote village in the middle of Germany, with no internet whatsoever, trying to stop a taxi while I ran down the street I believed was going to take me to the train station. My next bus was departing in just minutes and I was lost: it was either running or losing it.

Off to somewhere

Mar 27  ·  2 min read

Feel the adrenaline. Just feel it. I mean it, close your eyes and let yourself feel your heart rate increasing. It’s already nighttime, and you don’t know it yet, but you’re not going to sleep at home tonight.